CBD and the Menstrual Cycle

Have you ever canceled your plans, called in sick, or curled up in bed during your monthly cycle? Well, you’re not alone. Ninety percent of women suffered from pain associated with their cycle and more and more women are looking into CBD. Let’s face it: cramps suck.

Scientists believe that CBD interacts with your ECS and promotes health and wellness by interaction of one or more of three components in your ECS (endocannabinoids, receptors & enzymes). 

Personally, I like taking a daily dose of Full Spectrum gummies orally to help soothe anxiety and my nervous system that is associated with my cycle. During my cycle, I use our best-selling Hemp Salve to soothe my cramps, backache, and migraines associated with that time of month. 

You may use our full spectrum oil to infuse your favorite dessert or chocolate. 

If this is your first exposure to CBD, you may not know where to start or which products would be suited to help with cramps. Below are recommendations based on our own experience and customer testimonies.

Hemp Salve
Our Hemp Salve is made from pure, unrefined hemp oil. Fully transparent, this salve offers you a full range of natural benefits and uses. Blended with our 100%-pure hemp seed oil, which provides an ultra-rich emollient base to latch on to skin cells and condition to the maximum. Our high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins leaves a gentle protective layer locking in moisture to soothe the areas of your body with discomfort.

Reducing the pain, easing the discomfort, and more – women all over North America have flocked to CBD as an alternative to dangerous prescription drugs in hopes of improving their health and well-being. Are you ready to make the change?