CBD Infused Hot Chocolate Bombs


  1. Sphere mold 
  2. Brush or spoon 
  3. Marshmallows
  4. Good quality bar chocolate 
  5. Sprinkles 
  6. Hot chocolate mix 
  7. CBD Oil Natural Full Spectrum 30ML (250mg)


  1. Chop Chocolate (premium chocolate works better)
  2. Melt chocolate in the microwave in 15 seconds increments 
  3. Stir in between increments 
  4. Once almost melted, just continue to stir until the chocolate is fully melted from the residual heat from the bowl 
  5. Add 6 ml of CBD Oil (Platinum Natural Full Spectrum) 
  6. Pour chocolate into silicone sphere mold 
  7. Place chocolate in the freezer for 15 minutes 
  8. Pour a second thin coat around paying special attention to the edges 
  9. Place the chocolate mold into the fridge to set up for five minutes
  10. Remove the chocolate spheres from the mold(s)
  11. Fill the sphere molds with chocolate, hot chocolate mix, and marshmallows (be creative) 
  12. Melt the edges of the sphere on a hot plate and seal the two pieces together 
  13. Decorate 
CBD infused hot chocolate bombs


I personally heat my milk until it’s steaming (not boiling). Place the hot chocolate bomb in the bottom of the mug and pour the hot milk on top.