CBD & Our Furry Friends

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A lot of pet owners are inquiring about CBD and benefits to their pet. According to the Veterinary Information of Network, polled more than 2000 vets who reported that 30% of pet owners requested information about CBD and their pet during their visit. In that same poll, 56% of vets acknowledged having personal and clinical experience with CBD. 

Below are our customers have experienced with CBD and our pets: 

Anxiety: several customers who have purchased or sample Dog Beef Wraps treats observed that when properly dosage CBD has calmed their pet’s anxious behaviors. CBD is soothing and can help ease your pet’s anxiety; specifically, it soothes their anxiousness with fireworks, other loud noises, traveling (car sickness), and assist them when visiting their veterinarian. 

Other customers have noted that their dog separation anxiety and destructive behaviors were reduced while other customers reported that their dog stopped displaying destructive behaviors. 

CBD can also help with the pain your pet is experience. With aging and injuries which can lead to discomfort and limited mobility and activity. Several customers have stated that they have seen a difference in their pet’s mobility after giving them CBD. Precisely, customers stated that they have seen their pet seem perkier and regain their energy and vitality. 

On behalf of Platinum Natural, we would like to keep our customers informed and provide the as much information to determine if a more holistic approach to pet care is beneficial. 

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