How well do we take care of our skin, and how can CBD help?

cbd for the skin
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CBD may help relieve common skin conditions such as inflammation, itching, burning, bug bites, infections, scrapes and bruises. Would you believe that it helped heal my grease burn quicker? Interestingly enough, due to its anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids, that warded off my irritation that came from my burn. 

I apply the hemp salve to my burn marks throughout the day. It helps with my skin irritation, inflammation, and the redness that comes from the burn. With additional benefits that is added to our products, CBD has the properties to improve our overall skin health. 

All our CBD topical products contain hydrating compounds that when applied to inflamed skin, you may feel relief. With more people moving to a more holistic approach, this is a natural form of therapy that may allow your skin to heal without exposing your skin to harmful toxins with adverse side effects. 

CBD skin care products can be effective in a range of skin conditions with regular usage. Are you affected by any of these issues?

  1. Acne 
  2. Clogged pores 
  3. Blackheads
  4. Rashes 
  5. Dry Skin
  6. Flaky & Patchy Skins 
  7. Insect bites 
  8. Itchy Skin
  9. Sores & bumps 

Our products can be a huge source of protection and relief your skin needs to look and feel its best.