Why choose Hemp Salve for your chronic pain & muscle recovery?

While suffering from back pains and migraines, I was looking for healthier alternative to alleviate my pain. We have worked directly with our lab to create a Hemp Salve that is both affordable and effective. 

One needs direct application of topicals for the skin to absorb it. In return, the Hemp Salve can alleviate soreness, pain, irritation, and other skin conditions. Hemp salve is powerful when used correctly and it can be used to relieve pretty much anything from joint and muscle soreness to dermatitis without any harsh side effects. The Hemp Salve is applied to the affected areas to relieve soreness, chronic pain, itchiness, or skin conditions. 

The Hemp Salve works directly with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). A system that is created by cannabinoid receptors that our connected to other vital systems of our body. These receptors normalize our body response to pain, skin sensitivity, hormone regulation, immunity response, just to name a few. With the Hemp Salve working directly with ECS receptors, and instantly the health benefits will take effect. This is when sore muscle(s) start to relax, skin irritation is soothed, and chronic pain is alleviated. 

With 500 mg of Full Spectrum and very low traces of THC, not more than the legal limit of 0.3% trace. Our Hemp Salve delivers all the health benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects usually associated with cannabis use. Once you made a choice to a more holistic approach, CBD should be the next item on your list to try, specifically, our Hemp Salve should be your choice to soothe all your pains away.