Why Drop CBD Under the Tongue: Platinum Natural CBD Oil

Kyle A. Monteiro – Stark Influence Group CEO

Our Products and Your Needs

Our brand looks to ensure each person is matched with a product that they are comfortable with and that will help them with their needs. The first questions that are asked when you are looking for CBD products is how you are looking to take the products. Platinum Natural CBD offers products to smoke, eat, absorb, rub into the skin, drink, and more! For this piece we are taking a closer look at our natural oils, taken orally these products are versatile, potent, and measurable, giving the user many options and routes. 

How to for CBD Oil

People will ask what is the ebay way to take the oil. For this question there is no one right answer for everyone but based on research the oil being dropped under the tongue is best. We tell the users they should carefully measure the amount of drops they want through the measured tincture. Then take the dropper, place it under the tongue, and squeeze out the oil so it can be held under the tongue for around 15 seconds. The timing can be longer to be safe as well but that is just to allow the oil to get absorbed. This is where the science behind the action comes in. 

The Science of “Under the Tongue”

The goal of holding oil under the tongue is to access the sublingual mucosa, which is the membrane underneath the surface of the tongue. Sublingual administration of drugs refers to this process, the sublingual route bypasses the first-pass metabolism and digestive tract, and thus facilitates rapid absorption of the drug into systemic circulation. This route is through the blood vessels in the sublingual region and are routed parallel to the mucosal surface. The sublingual artery supplies blood to the salivary glands and is branched in surrounding muscles and mucous membranes of mouth, tongue, and gums.

So, when liquids are placed under the tongue they can cross the thin membrane and enter the bloodstream. The speed with which this happens has played a key part in this method’s popularity, it leads to more absorption and faster load time. 

Application of CBD

Many CBD consumers report that once they are used to it, taking it under the tongue is quick and easy. It requires very little effort and can be completed in a couple of minutes without having to use any special equipment. Drops can be placed under your tongue discreetly, whether you are at home or at work. This process ultimately leads to greater effect from less oil, it is versatile and customizable so money is being saved with oil use. It can even be dropped into food or baked goods, smokebale devices (MCT Based*), in liquids, and more!

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